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Have you ever wondered how you look while staring at yourself in the mirror? Yes! You surely you must have caught yourself doing that! And why not, human beings are naturally very conscious about how we look and even how we walk or talk or do random things. Deliberately or unknown we tend to control our actions as a result of a command of our unconscious mind, just because we want to portray ourselves as more presentable or whatever. More often than not, human beings become a victim of anxiety if they feel inferior. To cater to that inferiority complex, we tend to become conscious.

One of the most talked about issue that particularly men feel inferior about is when they are asked about their penis size. This question assumes the capability of destroying self respect and self confidence of many, however, according to us it is a natural thing, heavenly gifted!

Keeping aside self-respect, even a 2.5 inch long penis holds and is capable of performing all those functions that an average penis would. However, according to many studies the average size of a penis is approximately 5.2 inches or even 5.6 inches; however these studies have been largely affected by many research biases such as social bias or self selection bias etc. The myth that bigger is always the better has obsolete now as what matters is how you do it not what you have got to do it and nobody knows it better than Darwin escorts, moreover bigger is not always what you want sometimes.

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Moving on to the question as to what do women like? So a study came up that says women mostly prefer a 6” long, however, this criterion is subjected to several other factors like appearance, intellect, personality, sexual knowledge etc. Another study was conducted to cater the issue of small penises and it surprisingly found out that women ranked order the length of the penis as number 7, while other factors like pubic hair and skin got more importance than the length.

It depends on preferences too, like call girls in Lucknow knows the art of sex and plays well in every situation. What you need to understand is that more than a penis it might be your personality, voice or anything else which can make an impression, however penis secure a great deal of importance but not so much that you lose your self-confidence because of it. Lastly, what matters in the end is satisfaction and happiness.

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Nothing matters as far as you and your loved ones are happy and for sexual satisfaction the most important thing is surely the confidence in yourself and the way you do it, with a right confidence you have the ability to ace it. Moreover, talking about sexual satisfaction of women, it has been reported that most of the escorts in Lucknow orgasm as a result of clitoris stimulation than a vaginal stimulation. And clitoral satisfaction has nothing to do with a penis. Mentioning about the G-spot what you should learn is that it is just 2 inch above your vagina, making it possible for even a 2.5 inch to reach there! Thereby, breaking the myth of the bigger the better!

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